More About Me

A Little About Me

My pathway to real estate was an unlikely one.  Growing up in New Zealand, my Mum had enjoyed a successful career in the real estate industry, and as is common in most teenagers, I was determined that I would not follow in the same footsteps as she did.  Yet, two decades later – here we are.  After moving to the United States in 1993 and settling down in the Indianapolis area in 1997, I spent six years working as an appraiser.  I quickly found myself in the position of needing a home myself, and since I already had half the knowledge necessary to become a successful real estate agent, I got licensed for the sole purpose of representing myself while buying my home...

...or so I thought.

After purchasing my home, I had friends reach out to me asking for my help as their real estate agent, and as they say, the rest is history.  Even though I had told myself as a teenager that I would never work in real estate, I found myself inspired, motivated, and energized by my new career in the industry.  Today, I help other real estate agents improve their skills and grow their business by offering expert advice and knowledgeable coaching.  Utilizing my experience as both a broker and an appraiser, I offer a unique perspective for real estate agents looking to improve their business and maximize their growth.

In my spare time I am heavily involved with MIBOR, the local board of REALTORS©, where I serve as a Board Director and am currently Secretary/Treasurer.  I have also been fortunate enough to serve on the REALTOR© Foundation board for eight years, including as the President of the REALTOR© Foundation in 2016.  However, while I love my career and the real estate industry, there is nothing more important to me than spending time with my family and traveling whenever possible.